It is an honor to help build South Florida's best legal teams by introducing people to their dream jobs. 



My recruiting and consulting services focus on the clients' (employer) and candidates' (employee) most critical issues and inviting opportunities. 


Pinpoint placements involve market intel and informed personal perspective.



A contingency agreement afforded by the client (employer).  No resume is ever forwarded without explicit approval.


Transparency and confidentiality are, ironically, both key to maintaining the security of both parties and the success of a hiring process.




Permanent placement involves a variety of personal, financial, and cultural factors that are important to both the candidate (employee) and the client (employer).  


Working closely with both helps ensure that expectations are met effectively and expediently.


"Pablo was terrific in doing his due diligence on both my practice and potential landing spots for me.  He introduced me to multiple interesting prospects, including my new firm,  an excellent “fit” where I am very happy.  Pablo balanced enthusiasm with the utmost discretion.  Once you meet Pablo, he’ll quickly have a list of firms that make sense and he will aggressively facilitate introductions to those firms.  I’m grateful to Pablo for his efforts on my behalf, and I highly recommend him to anyone considering a  lateral move."

S Rubin - Corporate & Securities Partner - AM 200 Firm

"After a reduction in the paralegal team at my AM100 Firm, Pablo helped me land the perfect job at the best boutique in town!  When I lost my job, I never thought, in what seemed to be a very tight market, I'd get to make more money while gaining flexibility, even working at home sometimes!  Pablo is the absolute best!

S Hijazi - Sr. Paralegal - Pierce & O'Neill

"I will be the first to admit that I am a tough candidate to place because I have a very specific list of requirements, a specialized skill set, and little to no time to interview.  Pablo sent me on only two interviews and I wanted and was offered both jobs.  He has a talent for pairing personalities, preferences, and skill sets with only the best opportunities.  I always felt like Pablo had my back and was fighting for me each step of the way.  He never left me hanging or wondering and always followed up promptly.  This opportunity truly changed my life.  I’m so grateful to Pablo for making this happen."  

R Rosenberg -  Legal Secretary - Winstead -AM200 Firm

“I met with Pablo when I was informed our firm was due to disband.  I met with Pablo and the very first contact he suggested turned out to be the right fit.  I think Pablo has terrific instincts for placement, including a sophisticated analysis of practice compatibility.”

C Fletcher - Partner - Insurance Defense Law Firm

"On the day I was downsized I sent Pablo my resume.  Upon meeting me the next day, he introduced me to a competing firm working on the same docket.  I couldn't be happier with my new firm and am amazed at how quickly Pablo was able to make it happen!

L Hornsby - Litigation Associate - Boutique Law Firm